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Installing or replacing garage door cables is an important task that requires experience and proper training. Garage door cables can have a variety of issues which all lead to the same result – you not being able to operate your garage door. If you are facing issues with your garage door cables, you can contact us now to receive same-day service from one of our licensed & professional technicians.

Garage door cables are a critical component of the garage door system and aid in the support of the garage door’s weight. A pair of cables raise your garage door from the bottom section, one on the left and one on the right. When a garage door cable on one side snaps, lifting the garage door has no choice but to occur on the side that isn’t damaged. Typically, when this first happens, the garage door is only slightly angled, although it quickly progresses to an extreme position as soon as a homeowner attempts to open it.

• Old Cables – Wear and tear problems are one of the most common issues garage door cables have, and the older the cable, the more likely it needs to be replaced.

• Rust – If you don’t do maintenance work from time to time, your garage door cables will likely develop rust.

• Unwound Cables – this issue is usually the result of broken garage door springs.

• Jammed Cables – This is a severe case of unwound cables. If your cables are jammed, you won’t be able to operate the garage door.

1. Safety Inspection

At Elite Garage Door Repair, we know that keeping your family safe is important to you. To help with this, our technicians will perform a complimentary safety inspection of your garage door and all its working parts. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is in good condition.

2. Using the Right cables

Garage doors may be installed in a variety of ways, and Elite Garage Door Repair’s skilled experts are well-versed in the appropriate garage door cables for every door. Our specialists will conduct a balance test after installation to verify that the proper garage door wires have been utilized.

3. Replacing Both Cables

Garage doors are most often connected to two garage door cables. If one of your garage door cable breaks, the other is sure to follow soon after. If a broken cable is determined to be the reason behind your garage door’s malfunction, our experts will generally advise you to replace both garage door cables.

Torsion Cables

Torsion cables are used on torsion spring systems to keep the tension steady. As the garage door opens, the garage door cable wraps around drums as garage door springs unwind. If a garage door did not have cables, it would be too heavy for a garage door opener to move the door. Garage door torsion cables must be specific lengths based on door height to maintain balance.

Extension Cables

Extension garage door cables are used in extension spring systems, which have springs that stretch from front to back over horizontal tracks. All garage doors use counterbalance systems, and extension springs work similarly. This system can be used with garages that have less ceiling height due to the lack of drums; instead, cables run over a set of pulleys on each side. As with torsion spring systems, ensuring the proper length of cables is essential to properly balancing the door.

Safety Cable

Additionally, some garage doors have safety cables. These are used on garage doors with extension springs, but not on a garage door with a torsion spring. A safety cable is a strong wire that runs through the center of an extension spring, this way, if the garage door spring breaks, it will stay attached to the safety cable instead of flying across your garage and releasing all its tension at once.

While it is feasible to manually operate a garage door with a broken cable, doing so would be considerably more difficult if both the garage door cable and garage door spring are damaged. We would therefore strongly discourage you from performing these actions if you realized that both the cable and garage door spring have broken because attempting to do so might prove harmful.

Step no. 1: Ensure that all of the garage door cables and garage door springs are in good working order. However, if the garage door spring is damaged, or the cable is cut, it’s better to hire a professional instead of attempting DIY repairs. You also don’t want to go any further if the garage door was damaged in any other way.

Step no. 2: Look for the emergency cord, which is generally red or has a red handle attached to a white line dangling from the middle of the garage door’s mechanism. However, if there isn’t a red cable, and only a strand hanging from the mechanism, it’s probably an emergency chord. Make sure you have access to it comfortably with a ladder.

Step no. 3: Pull on the cord until you feel it lock into position. The release lever should now be disengaged from the carriage that is attached to the garage door opener. If it is, then you should be able to move and open the garage door without using the opener.

Step no. 4: You should now be able to lift the garage door and then lower it. You don’t want the door to shut on you or your car, so make sure it closes all the way.

By keeping up with routine maintenance, you can often add extra years to your garage door cables’ lifespans. More times than not, a garage door cable breaks because it is either old or damaged.

Adding years to your garage door’s lifespan requires maintaining balance and lubrication. Many components move when the garage door is in operation, so each one needs to be properly operable and lubricated to avoid friction.

When the garage door squeaks, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong with your machine. Although the garage door cable itself does not need lubrication, other components (such as the pulley, garage door springs, and opener) will.

It’s possible that a stuck garage door roller, non lubricated springs, or the garage door opener might be causing unwanted noise. A shot of silicon or graphite will usually eliminate any wear that would cause issues later on.

There are many reasons to have our professional technicians replace your cables:

• We use stainless-steel cable because it is more durable than galvanized wire and does not cause rust.

• Our highly trained experts are accessible seven days a week, from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M., so we can promptly react and prevent any type of harm from occurring as a result of an exposed garage door cable. Our fast repairs guarantee your peace of mind while also keeping your family safe. We attach the appropriate cable for your garage door to ensure proper balance and function.

• We attach the appropriate cable for your garage door to ensure proper balance and function.

• We provide a free condition report as part of our service to ensure that all of the hardware and moving components on your door are in good working order and meet safety regulations. Because the hardware was most likely installed at the same time as the cables, there may be worn mechanical parts on your garage door that are in an unsafe condition. We think of cable failure as a symptom of a larger problem with your door.

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