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Having an issue with your garage door rollers is an emergency, as they can cause the garage door to stop function and even create more severe problems such as an off-track door. We at Elite Garage Door Repair have more than a decade of experience in the field and we offer same-day service every day of the week, with no extra charge on the weekends. Call us now to receive a visit from one of our experts.

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Signs That Indicate a Problem With The Garage Door Rollers

signs of a broken garage door roller

Garage door rollers will usually start to show signs of wear and tear damages before they stop working completely, if you notice any of the following, we recommend you contact a professional for a replacement, as damages that are caused by broken rollers will be more expensive than a simple roller replacement.

• Worn garage door roller wheel – a roller with a worn wheel can cause the door to come off-track.

• Bent garage door rollers – bent rollers will make the garage door opener work harder and even cause the door to stuck.

• The roller doesn’t spin freely on the shaft -this can be a result of the issues that were mentioned above.

• Excessive vibration when operating – sometimes simple lubrication can fix this issue, but you should contact an expert if it doesn’t work.

Garage Door Rollers Type

Plastic Rollers

plastic garage door roller

Plastic rollers are lightweight and not as durable as other garage door roller types. It can only support single garage doors. Plastic rollers are your best option if you’re cutting costs since they are the least expensive among the other door types.

Steel Rollers

steel garage door roller

Steel rollers are sturdier and more heavy-duty than plastic garage door rollers. They can handle heavy garage doors with ease. The downside to this type of garage door rollers is that they create loud noise when you operate the garage door.

Nylon Rollers

nylon garage door roller

Nylon rollers are a fusion of both the good qualities of plastic and steel rollers. In other words, nylon garage door rollers are lightweight but can bear heavy garage doors. Moreover, they also move along the tracks smoothly and quietly.

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