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garage door spring repair
garage door spring replacement

Broken garage door springs can get you stuck inside the garage which can be a major inconvenience. For that reason, we do our best to provide a same-day repair service every day of the week, with no extra charge on the weekends! Our experts carry with them more than 100 different types of springs to ensure that every spring repair will be done in one visit.

Our Garage Door Spring Repair Best Practices

Replacing garage door springs is a complicated and dangerous process, as the garage door springs store a large amount of force. For that reason, we built best practices that every one of our technicians follows.

If you have a two-spring system garage door and only one is broken, we will still replace both of them. This practice ensures that both garage door springs will have the same strength and that your garage door will move evenly. If only one garage door spring is replaced, the door may come out off-track.

Installing the right garage door spring is not a simple fit, as each garage door needs a different type of spring that exhorts the right amount of force to balance it. For that reason, our technicians carry with them more than 100 different types of high-quality garage door springs.

Every garage door spring replacement we do is accompanied by a thorough safety inspection. This is not only to ensure safety while doing our job but also to check that all the hardware and parts of your garage door are in good working condition.

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Signs That Your Garage Door Spring May Need to Be Replaced

Garage door springs are durable, but they are not indestructible. If you often use your garage door or your garage door springs are old, you may encounter the following signs:

• The garage door springs are not in one piece.
• The garage door does not open or only lifts a few feet and closes again.
• The garage door is extremely heavy when trying to lift it manually.
• The garage door cables on the side unwind.

Types of garage door springs

Extension Garage Door Spring

garage door spring repair

Extension garage door springs are the vertically mounted springs on each side of the garage door. They are connected to pulleys and are responsible for keeping the door balanced.

Torsion Garage Door Spring

garage door torsion spring

On the other hand, the torsion garage door spring lies horizontally at the center of the top of the garage door opening. It is mounted on the torsion tube and held in place by the center brackets. 

Between torsion and extension springs, torsion springs are the more preferred spring system as they are safer, more durable. and long-lived than extension springs. Furthermore, torsion springs allow for smoother and even garage door operation. 

You don’t need to worry if you have an extension spring system and you want to convert it to a torsion spring system. We are able to provide every garage with the option to convert their extension spring system into a torsion one, whether it is residential or commercial.

What Not to Do After the Springs Break

We can’t stress this enough. Working around broken garage door springs is extremely dangerous. If your springs break, the last thing you want to do is to operate your door with your garage door opener.  Doing this will only incur further damage to your garage door system. Likewise, don’t try to lift your garage door manually. The door might crash down and cause a serious injury. 

Given the safety risks of replacing your garage door springs, we highly recommend that you leave the job to the pros. If you need emergency garage door spring replacement, you can call us anytime. Our technicians have the expertise and skills needed to perform garage door spring repair correctly and safely.  

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The greatest thing you can do to preserve your garage door spring system is to have it inspected and maintained on a yearly basis. People in colder regions should have their garage door checked and repaired twice a year for maximum performance. A garage door professional will be able to identify issues with the garage door spring mechanism, as well as apply oil or grease as needed. Elite Garage Door Spring Repair experts are highly trained to handle your garage door spring repair and system maintenance. To discover more about our planned maintenance services, contact one of our service professionals.

Garage door springs last an average of seven to nine years with normal usage, which equates to around four cycles per day. The lifespan of the garage door spring may be as little as four to six years if utilized more frequently. Torsion garage door springs and garage door extension springs are two variations of garage door springs. Torsion springs, which are typically installed above the garage door, keep it in balance.

They ensure that the door is firmly in position, whether raised or in the middle position. Some movement is to be anticipated, but if the door doesn’t stay in place, it’s usually due to a failing garage door torsion spring. Extension springs are placed above the garage door or on the sides, and they typically last seven to nine years. Any gaps between coils indicates that this garage door spring is beginning to fail. Because moisture can cause rust to form in certain areas of the country, garage door springs may have a shorter lifespan in damp regions.

When one spring breaks, we always advise replacing both garage door springs. We do this since the springs wear at about the same rate and tend to break around the same time. When only one garage door spring is replaced, the other spring generally fails soon after. It’s best to do the work once and get it over with before everything else fails working.

That’s easy. The garage door opener won’t be able to open the door since it will be very heavy and the opener can’t do all the work by itself. Most likely, you’ll have a difficult time lifting it too since the springs typically weigh around 160 lbs. Look at the garage door springs on top of the door. They should be solid coils, not broken. Another method is to know if your springs broke is when you hear a loud noise in your garage door. This is when the spring releases all of its force and makes a significant sound as the coils expand and violently contract back.

High-Cycle Life is the conversion of your garage door springs measurements and sizing to assist them survive longer on your garage door. High-Cycle Life isn’t about changing the metal used or applying a special finish to the spring; it’s about raising Wire Size and Length, which causes the garage door spring not to wear as swiftly. Call us for updated measurements so you can renew your garage door spring!


The garage door torsion springs may be placed anywhere along the torsion tube. The torsion tube rotates the cable drums, which raises the garage door. Off-center springs are typical to allow for low headroom situations and utilize an opener.

The weight of your garage door will determine how many garage door springs you need. The most typical situation is that one torsion spring is used on a single vehicle 9×7 garage door. We recommend using two springs on any door weighing over 150 pounds. There is a point where having a heavy-duty garage door spring rather than two smaller ones is more beneficial to the life cycle because the larger spring has a longer service life. Most often, if you have a two-car garage door with only one torsion spring, we recommend adding a pair.

You can test the sturdiness of your garage door torsion springs by a few methods. Firstly, disconnecting the automatic garage door opener is essential. After that, try raising the garage door yourself- it should go up without any issues and remain in its place whether you lift it all they way or only halfway. If you notice that the garage door slides back down or takes too much effort to raise then there’s likely something wrong with the garage door springs and they will need repair.

To start, see if there are any bends or gaps in the coils. These show that the steel springs may be beginning to wear out and could break soon. If your garage door looks uneven on the left and right sides, one of the springs is probably already worn out. In this case, you should replace both springs. Also, very noisy doors might mean that the garage door springs are broken and you should replace garage door springs.